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Week 1 update

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Hands typing on a computer keyboard.It was great to see so many people at Friday’s webinar and engaging in the Google+ Community about this week’s topic. Thank you! I was just wondering what did you do next in relation to Assessment in HE (choose as many as apply)?

  1. Returned to a dispiriting pile of marking
  2. Returned to a fabulous pile of marking
  3. Rushed off to answer the question in the Google+ Community 
  4. Looked at the Google+ Community  and felt pale at the thought of keeping up with all of those comments
  5. Planned to definitely complete the task by Thursday afternoon. Probably. Work permitting.
  6. Made a note to do a bit of reading
  7. Thought about doing the webinar next week and then maybe decide after that whether to engage a bit more
  8. Did lots of work on your own regarding assessment
  9. Meh*
  10. Decided that this online course wasn’t for you (if that was the case, though…why are you reading this?)

We know it’s difficult to engage with an online course. Some of us have a few failed MOOC attempts behind us. This course is meant to be open and flexible. Do with it what you will. It’s encouraging to everyone in the community if there is a bit of interaction, though, so do contribute where you can. We’ve posted up some ideas about engaging but do feel able to contribute your own ideas too.

On Wednesday 21 May 2014 there will be a TweetChat** discussing this week’s topic at 7pm UK time. Check for the time in your timezone. Apologies for those East of the UK, this probably isn’t a very good time. Feel free to organise an event at a better time and we’ll do our best to attend!

Thursday 22 May sometime in the evening, UK time is the deadline for sending us the task for topic 1 if you want feedback by Tuesday 27 May.

Friday 23 May is the next webinar, reviewing this topic and introducing Topic 2. See you there? Check for the time in your timezone.


*Meh: For cloistered academics –  here’s a definition)

** TweetChat: See this (also aimed at cloistered academics):



  1. 11. Rewrote the learning outcomes and assessments for a course that I am currently re-designing at MMU! A very timely first webinar indeed…

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