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Week 2 update

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It’s almost the end of Week 2, so this is a rather belated update, and will be short. I’ve actually been in Austria this week, talking about assessment with a partner institution*, which may show that being interested in assessment leads to interesting travel. I don’t know if I can prove that scientifically, but we can surely give it a try. Where has your interest in assessment taken you?

This week is a school holiday in the UK, which may explain why the Google community has been relatively quiet, but topic 2 will remain open for discussion. One brave person has submitted their task to the community to comment on – what do you think of Sam’s ideas? Have you any experience of using peer review, as Anne has suggested in response? How did it go?

Topic 3 is available if people want to get started on it. We’re moving on to look at what information students need in relation to assessment, and how they can best be supported. In tomorrow’s webinar, we’ll be talking about this and drawing on your experiences as learners and teachers.

*This college specialises in hospitality management, which explains the decor in the seminar room, but I think everyone should consider this kind of furnishing.

photo of wine bottles in seminar room


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