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Week 3

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Webinar 3

Thanks to everyone who attended Friday’s webinar to launch Topic 3. It may have involved a lot of typing on your part, but it was worth it for the interesting ideas. We talked about barriers to participation in online courses and considered whether this could be considered in parallel with participation in assessment activity, particularly formative activity. People shared their experiences and motivations, and we talked about what kinds of support students find useful. If you’d like to read the transcript, it’s available here: available here (Word file) (don’t judge us for spelling and grammar, we were trying to go at quite a speed!). The webinar recording is also available.

Topic 3

Discussion about  topic 3 is going on over in the Google+ community and is focused on what students need to know about assignments. The task for topic 3 is to review the information and support associated with an existing assignment you’re familiar with. For more information about getting feedback on this analysis, see this page. Anyone is welcome to undertake the tasks, and we will give feedback. You don’t have to be planning to do the assignment and you don’t have to be a member of staff at MMU; you don’t have to have submitted anything previously either.

We look forward to seeing or hearing from you during the week.

Tweetchat Thursday 5 June, 12pm

We’re having a TweetChat at 12pm UK time on Thursday 5 June. You will need a Twitter account to contribute, but you can read without having one. You can also create an anonymous account if you prefer. In any case, we’ll post a summary after the event. You can follow the chat at – Update – the summary of the chat is now available. Thanks to all who contributed.

What’s a TweetChat? See this link for an introduction.

Click here to find the time in your timezone.

Webinar 4 Friday 6 June, 12pm

We’ll be reviewing topic 3 and introducing topic 4 in this session.

Go to the webinar room any time before the session to set up your audio, and on the day to participate.

Click here to check the time in your timezone.


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