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Week 4

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Thanks to everyone who attended today’s webinar on marking criteria. The recording is now available here. Rod has annotated the chat transcript so that it makes more sense if you weren’t there, and it’s also available here as a Word file: Webinar 4 – Chat Text. The slides are also available:

I’ll update this post during the week with more information about the TweetChat on Thursday and next week’s webinar. In the meantime, the question and task for topic 4 are both available to be getting on with.



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  1. Hi all
    Had a look at this today, neat ant exercise.
    It and the rest of the webinar clearly illustrate the need for transparency of assessment for students. I am frequently puzzled by students not challenging what they are actually being assessed against – and in my work role I have certainly seen some stuff worth challenging.
    Just waiting for the first litigation, brought by a student, against a uni in relation to assessment. I see a situation where students have been marked (on a criteria) for something that is not within a unit/module specification.
    Peter Gossman

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