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Week 5

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Week 5 activities

When observing teaching, I often suggest to colleagues that they try to avoid apologising or explaining why something hasn’t worked. It’s amazing how many of us start a session that way (including me, although now I’m aware of it, I do try to avoid it). But I have to apologise this week, because we forgot to record this week’s webinar. I can only offer you the chat transcript and the powerpoint file (also embedded at the end of this post).

Topic 5 is all about feedback on assessed work, and the activity involves an analysis of a piece of your own feedback. This is a really interesting exercise provided by colleagues at the Institute of Education in London, and I’m going to post my own in the Google+ community later in the week.

For those who have found themselves unable to keep up with activities, then don’t worry, everything is still here to be caught up with and we will continue to respond to comments and submitted activities, so you can join in at any time.

The next webinar is on Friday 20 June at 12pm UK time – check here for the time in your timezone.

I propose a Tweetchat this week on Wednesday 18 June at 2pm UK time – check here for the time in your timezone.


Embedded version of slides from Week 5 webinar




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