Assessment in Higher Education Online 2014

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The format of the course is simple. It runs for six weeks. Each week there will be one question for discussion and one task to complete. Beyond this, you can add more questions to the discussion, work in groups to complete the task or suggest tasks of your own, as you like. We will provide some basic resources and a reading list for each topic, contribute to and facilitate discussions, share examples, and answer questions. Some discussions will probably rumble on throughout the period, others may be short-lived or not interesting, There will be a webinar each week, and you can suggest other meetings too.

You don’t have to register for the course if you are not completing the assignment, just join the community by contributing to discussions. If you want to gain an open badge, then we will let you know how to do this when the course begins in May. If you want to be kept updated about the course, then choose the ‘Follow’ link and you can have updates delivered to your inbox – don’t worry, there won’t be too many.

Readings are suggested for each week’s tasks and questions. Depending on your library access, you may not have free access to all of these, but there will be at least one free resource available each week.


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