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Jargon and technical terms


Every discipline loves its jargon, and to add to that, different sectors of education, and different countries, use different terms. So UK tutors (lecturers) may say ‘marking’ where US tutors (faculty) may say ‘grading’. In the UK, ‘evaluation’ means what students tell us about the course, but in France, it means ‘marking’. We might accidentally use ‘assessment’ and ‘assignment’ interchangeably when we shouldn’t, because for many people, ‘assignment’ is only for ‘summative’ assessment where the student gets a grade (mark, points, score…). Where we know there might be an issue, we’ll try to be clear, but if you aren’t sure what things mean, just tell us. We’ll try to keep a running jargon-buster page going, which you can add to.


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