Assessment in Higher Education Online 2014

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In order to make the course accessible, we are using freely available software. Unlike an institutional virtual learning environment/learning management system, this means that everything is not together in one place, so you may need to be a bit flexible about finding things. We will try to make it easy*.  If you aren’t sure, just ask – someone else is probably thinking the same thing.

Course materials are here in the WordPress area. You can comment on individual pages and posts anonymously or identifiably using a variety of methods, and you don’t need special software.

Discussion areas are in Google+ – this means you will need a gmail account to participate in discussions, upload your own documents, organise online meetings (‘hangouts’), and so on.

Updates and discussion questions will be on Twitter. They won’t be essential: all the information will be duplicated elsewhere, but it should be useful for those of you who already use Twitter. We’ll also hold a couple of Tweetchats during the course.

Webinars will be held using Adobe Connect – you will need a microphone and headphones to participate, but no special software or accounts. All webinars will be held in the same room.


*Thanks to Chrissi Nerantzi and Lars Ohlin for letting me join in with their Flexible, Distance and Open Learning course earlier this year and use some of these technologies together in a similar way to the way we’re using them here.


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