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We’re hosting this course because we’re interested in assessment in Higher Education. We don’t have all of the answers and we are hoping to spark the interest of others, find out what they know, share good practices, identify areas for development and see if we can take the community further. So we really want to give you opportunities to contribute. We’re using Google Community because it’s free and accessible, but we admit that they aren’t the easiest of spaces to get to grips with, and they are very limited in what can be done with them. No threading of discussions. No way to attach files to posts. No way to manage the page effectively to highlight particular discussions or comments. At least  – we think not – very happy to be proved wrong! So here is a quick summary of ways to contribute:

  1. Comment on pages or posts like these in the WordPress area – there is the option to ‘leave a comment’ or ‘leave a reply’ on all of the pages and posts (no, no idea why the terminology isn’t consistent, but the process is the same). Feel free to leave one on this post – it doesn’t matter if you have nothing special to say and just want to test it.
  2. Use the Google+ community to respond to the weekly questions or to comment on anything you feel like which relates to Assessment in HE. You can also start new posts – just start typing in the box which says ‘Share what’s new’. You can’t upload a file but you can link to existing files.
  3. Tweet about assessment in HE using the #aheo2014 hashtag if you already have a twitter account.
  4.  Respond to the weekly tasks by sending us files to comment on. You can do this in various ways:
    1. email them to us – see our addresses on the ‘who are we?‘ page
    2. post your files in Google drive (used to be Google docs) or in Dropbox* or another file-sharing service, and send us the link – either using our email addresses or just by posting in the community area if you are happy to share with others. We will provide feedback in the way you specify – either privately via email (default) or by commenting on the post.
    3. set up your own WordPress or other blog, post your reflections there, and then link to them using the same methods as in 4.2.
  5. Offer to run a task, contribute to a webinar, host a webinar or Tweetchat, or a Google hangout; Share some good practice you know about ; share links and examples.

*other file-sharing sites are available: these two are free and usually reliable, but as long as you can post a link to the file, any web-based service will work.

Tech Guides

Do suggest any others that you know of.

Overview of Google Communities

Overview of Google Drive 

Brief Tour of Dropbox




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