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This course can be approached in various different ways. You can aim for a sustained engagement through the six weeks, joining in the discussions each week as well as completing the tasks, receiving feedback and acting on it. You can drop in and out of the content and the community as you like, commenting when you feel like it. You can register an interest to join a group. You can read stuff without commenting. You can just keep a vague eye on it and think ‘oh, I must catch up with that at some point’.

If you are intending to get credit for the course, then we strongly recommend the very first option, because it will make completion of the assignment a lot easier, but we do know that it can be difficult to keep up a sustained engagement with an online course. Here are a few tips.

  1. Write yourself some objectives. What is it that you want to achieve by participating in the course? Networking? Better assessment practice? Sharing your own practice? Solving a particular assessment issue? Share these objectives if you feel like it.
  2. Fix a time each week when you’re going to work and block it out in the diary. If it gets hijacked, don’t feel too bad, but be firm about rescheduling it. It is flexible, and you can catch up later – nobody will mind if you’ve skipped something, so don’t see it as a reason to drop out completely.
  3. Join the community by posting in the Google+ Community, participating in the webinars or tweeting with the #aheo2014 hashtag.
  4. React to comments, or feedback you receive on the tasks. Tell people what you think. Challenge. Critique. Contribute examples and resources. It will help us all to engage.
  5. Register to join a group by indicating your own interests.



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