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The course roughly follows the Assessment Lifecycle which was developed at MMU as part of a JISC-funded Assessment and Feedback Project called TRAFFIC (TRansforming Assessment and Feedback for Institutional Change)

Assessment Lifecycle


We are not really looking at elements 4, 6 and 7 here, as we are focusing on academic decision-making rather than assessment management systems, but we’re spending a bit more time on element 5, so that leaves us with six topic areas, one per week:

  1. What makes a good choice of assignment task?  (16-23 May)
  2. How do you choose an assessment method? (23-30 May)
  3. What do students need to know about assignments? (30 May – 6 June)
  4. What should marking criteria look like and how should we use them? (6 -13 June)
  5. What is feedback for? (13-20 June)
  6. What can we learn from reflecting on past assignments? (20-27 June)


NB: If you want to know more about our work on assessment management systems, we blog here when we have new things to say about it!


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